iPod Recovery after Reset

iPods are portable devices designed to play audio and video files. One among the main feature, which makes it popular, is that you can store large amounts of photos in iPod without using computers. iTunes synchronizes with your iPod to make media transfer possible, and stores them in a database in your system. “Reset” is one option in iPod, which will set your iPod back to the factory settings erasing all the data in your iPod. Sometimes when your photos get corrupted, they become inaccessible in your iPod and affect other features of iPod. In such scenarios you need to reset the iPod to factory settings.

It becomes important to reset the iPod sometimes again back to the starting factory settings. Few reasons of resetting the iPod are discussed below:

  • Corrupted file system: iPods support FAT32 file system in Windows operating system and supports HFS+ in Mac operating system. If the file system gets corrupted due to malware or virus attack, then your photos on the iPod become inaccessible. In such cases you will get an error message that says: “iTunes.exe-corrupt file”, In this condition, you have no other option but to reset the iPod
  • Different operating system: You have to reset the iPod if you are shifting to a different OS, because file systems and software may not support the iPod
  • Accidental reset: Improper functioning or handling of iPod might lead you to accidentally resetting the iPod. In this case you will lose your photos and other media files

To avoid losing data due to the above given issues, you should be very careful while dealing with iPods. Few precautionary steps that have to be considered are:

  • Backup: Take a proper backup of all the photos before synchronizing iPod with the computer. It is important to take proper backup before resetting the iPod no matter which platform it has been formatted for
  • Do not add new photos: Ones if you have reset your iPod, all your media files will be deleted and space will be made free but the data still resides on the iPod. So you can recover all your data, but if you add new data you will overwrite the previous one and lose it permanently

Therefore, to avoid this problem you can use third party data recovery software. iPod recovery is a media recovery software designed for iPod file recovery on Windows and Mac.

iPod recovery tool uses special in-built algorithms and effectively recovers all your lost photos, music and video files from your iPod after resetting. To recover data using this software, you need to connect your iPod as a secondary drive. When computer detects iPod as a drive, then launch the software, select the device and then perform scanning operation. This software can even recover iTunes library from iPod of different types such as iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Classic and iPod Touch. After the scanning process is complete, recoverable files are displayed so that you can recover the photos, which you want. This software can even restore deleted songs from iPod with utmost ease. Free version is available using which you can evaluate the software. Once you are happy with the free trial you can purchase the licensed product to restore your photos from your iPod.

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