iPod Shuffle Recovery

The technologies are keep on growing day-by-day and people at the same time are getting busier with their work. In this busy and scheduled life, we dont even get little time to spend for our hobbies. Some of us love to listen music while doing our day-to-day work or while we are having outings or in many such places where it is impossible to carry our laptops, mobiles, or other heavy appliances. This need of us is accomplished by iPods, which uses flash memory to store files in it. iPod is a portable digital media player developed by Apple. iPod can store up to 160GB of data, which can work well both on Mac and Windows operating systems. You can store up to 40,000 songs, 200 hours of video and 25,000 photos over 160GB iPod. IPod supports AAC, MOV, WAV, MP3, AIFF, JPEG, BMP, PSD, GIF, PNG and TIFF file formats. Due to some reasons, your files from iPod may get delete or lost. However, iPod Shuffle data recovery is possible with the help of iPod recovery software.

iPods are just so right to keep handy whether its your pocket, gym bags, or even in your purse. As iPod shuffles are so compatible and portable, this doesnt mean that iPods are expensive. IPods are inexpensive comparatively to other handheld devices. IPod hard drive works like a computer hard drive so, when you accidentally delete a file from iPod hard drive, it deletes only index of that file and retains the content of that file on iPods hard drive. It marks that space as available to store new files. iPods can be used to store all your data like music, videos, photos etc. There are instances, where you can lose your data from your iPods in some ways/scenarios.

Have a glimpse on the scenarios which can lead you to data loss from your iPods.

  • Abruptly disconnecting iPods:You might be losing data from your iPods, if you abruptly disconnect it from your PC's, laptop's etc, Ejecting iPods without using safely remove hardware can also cause data loss, this is the one of the senario which occurs often.
  • Restoring iPods for factory setting:Changing the settings from user set profiles to default factory settings can cause the data loss.If you are not satisifed from your setting and then if you go for the default setting steps, then some time you may lose your data.
  • iPod connected to virus infected system:Transfering of data from your iPod to your PC's, laptops may cause to data loss, this takes place when your system contain viruses and if you connect your iPods to the system. The iPod might hang up or restart due to virus attack or it also can cause application failure.
  • iPod showing synchronization error after connection:Sometimes your iPod files may not be detected when connected to your computer due to application failure, broken file system that may leads to loss of audio files.There are chances of deleting your music files accidentally while synchronizing between computer and iPod by selecting multiple tracks instead of one.

These precautions should be taken to prevent the data loss from iPods:

  • Take a backup of your iPod songs before synchronizing, restoring it to factory settings.
  • Better to have back up before chaining version/before versioning.
  • Do check for the updated version of antivirus in your system.
  • While synchronization your iPod with system follow the proper steps.
  • Power supplies should be checked before transferring of files.

Still in the worst case, if you found that your files are missing from belonging iPod, there is still a chance to recover the lost/missed files. However, if its confirmed that you have lost your files from iPod the only terms and condition for recover is not to save files again on the iPod to avoid the overwrite. The overwrite of files will decrease the chances for recovery and make it almost impossible.Even tools meant for recovery will not be able to recover it again. Frozen iPod data recovery is possible by using the iPod recovery software/tool. Recovery if needed to be done on Windows OS then make use of iPod Recovery software for Windows and also iPod Recovery after reset is possible.

You can follow few steps in oder to recuperate your data from iPod.

Step 1:Firstly, download the trail version for Windows media recovery and get it install into your system, when it get installed on your system click on the icon for start up and click on the media edition. After, you ought to connect your iPod to the virus free system.

Recover Music Files from iPod - iPod Recovery after format main screen

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2:After, select the "Recover deleted photos" or select the "Recover lost photos"option from the screen appearing in figure 2.

Recover Music Files from iPod - Screen displaying recover lost photos or recover deleted photos

Figure 2: Select recover deleted photos or recover lost photos

Step 3:The screen displays the disk icons, check one of the drive you want to get recovered.Then after click the "Next" button for further process as shown in figure 3, which will apperently take you to the next step towards your iPod recovery.

Recover Music Files from iPod - Select iPod screen

Figure 3: Select drive

Step 4:The next step is to add the signature based on which file will be recovered and after adding the signature just click "Next" to proceed as shown in figure 4.

Recover Music Files from iPod - File type selection window

Figure 4: Add the signature.

Step 5:Then after, the files are recovered they can be viewed in two different types as "data view" or "file type view" as shown in figure 5. Then this will show you to save the session for further use.

Recover Music Files from iPod - Data view / File type view windows

Figure 5: View recovered files

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