Recover Music Files from iPod

What is an iPod? It is a portable music player developed and marketed by Apple Inc. It is one of the most efficient portable devices used globally by the users to listen their favorite music. You might be the one among them. iPod is available in four different models namely iPod Classic, iPod Touch, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. These models have different storage capacity ranging from 2GB in iPod Shuffle to 160GB in iPod Classic. Like any other devices iPod’s also serve as external data storage devices. These devices supports most of the audio formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, MIDI, M4b, AIFF, AIF, AIFC, AMR, etc. You can use Apple’s iTunes software to synchronize the music to iPod’s from your computers. It works on most of the versions of Macintosh and Microsoft Windows operating systems. If you don’t wish to use iTunes then you can also opt for several other open source software for synchronization.

Being an iPod user, you might have come across some situations where you have lost your favorite music files due to deletion. How are the music files deleted? Here are few reasons:

  • You might change your iTunes software after formatting or restoring your computer by installing a new one or upgrading. At this point of time if you connect your iPod to the computer, then the new version of iTunes will delete all your audio files
  • There are chances of deleting your music files accidentally while synchronizing between computer and iPod by selecting multiple tracks instead of one
  • While transferring your audio files from computer to iPod your system might hang up or restart due to power surge or application failure, which may delete your favorite songs that you have collected from different sources
  • Sometimes your iPod files may not be detected when connected to your computer due to application failure, broken file system that may leads to loss of audio files

With a few precautionary measures you can avoid the deletion of your favorite tracks:

  • It is very simple, take a backup of your iPod songs before synchronizing when you do major changes to your iTunes software like upgrading to latest version
  • Follow a proper synchronization procedure while transferring music between your computer and iPod

In worst case, if you face deletion of your music files, still you have an option to recover deleted music files easily. However, once you are confirmed that your songs are deleted from your device, it is recommended that you do not save any new music files or any other files as it may overwrite the existing data. If you do so then you will lose your music files for ever. There are some data recovery tools such as iPod recovery which help you to recover music files from iPod’s even if they are deleted permanently before over writing the device with new songs.

iPod Recovery is one such utility, which will help you to get music back on iPod after sync within few clicks. It has got a special built-in algorithm which helps you to recover music files from ipod even if they are deleted permanently. This tool also helps you to preview the recovered track file before restoring them.

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