Recover Photos from iPods

If you are using iPod Classic, iPod nano, iPod Mini and iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch, you can synchronize photos to your iPod using iTunes 4.7 and later versions. The different image file formats supported in iPods are listed below:

On Windows, iTunes 4.7 can recognize following file formats using Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Photoshop Album or selected folder of photos:

On Mac, iTunes 4.7 and later version can recognize following file formats from your iPhoto Library or selected folder of photos:

iTunes creates full-quality versions of your photos and stores them in a database on your computer so that you can add photos to your iPod much faster next time. There are many reasons why the photos in your iPod get corrupted. Few important reasons are discussed below:

  • Synchronization: Though using an iPod for screening photos you cannot drag individual photos or groups of photos to the iPod like you can do with music files in iTunes, but you can select how you desire them to be coordinated by selecting the correct options. While synchronizing your iPod, photos may get corrupted or deleted.
  • Transferring: Suppose you want to move your photos from SD card to your iPod. First, you have to duplicate photos from SD card to your computer, and then you have to synchronize it using iTunes in your system to transfer them into your iPod. During this move process, there is a chance that your photos might get corrupted.
  • Accidental deletion: There is a ‘Restore’ choice that has been given in your iPod. If you have chosen that selection accidentally, iPod will get regained to the factory settings and you will lose all pictures. You may also lose pictures from iPod by mistakenly deleting them.

You have to be very cautious while you are working with iPod. Here are a few safety measures you need to follow which are essential if you want to regain lost or deleted pictures from an iPod:

  • Do not add new photo: If you have by mistakenly deleted photo from your iPod, do not insert new photo to the iPod if you want to reclaim the deleted photo. Once you delete photo the space is made existing so that new image can be stored but the data still resides in the iPod. In case you add new photo or other media files, data will be overwritten and you will permanently lose the earlier deleted photo.
  • Backup: Obtain a proper back up of all the images before synchronizing iPods with the PC. In case you are moving images from external hard disk to iPods, proper backup is necessary. Assume you want to regain iPods to factory settings, you must take a backup before selecting ‘Restore’ option in iPod.

What if you have lost all the photos from your iPod? If you have restored your iPod using factory settings option or deleted important photos, there is no need to fear. iPod Recovery software makes use of best algorithm and does a detailed scan to recover deleted pictures from iPod. Making use of its user-friendly interface you can easily recover all your important photos. One can download and run the demo version to evaluate the chance of photo recovery, before purchasing complete edition.It scans and recovers almost all formats of photos from your iPod. After recovering all your photos, it permits you to preview the recovered images either in Data View or File Type view.

You can recover not only photos but other files also in an easy way with the help of this tool. The process of recovering music files can be performed in a simpler way than you can imagine. For instance, you can make use of this tool to recover music files from iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, etc.

Steps to recover deleted/lost photos from iPod

Step 1: Download and install iPod Recovery(Windows) - Media Edition demo version, on Windows operating system and connect your iPod to your system, which will be detected as external hard drive

Step 2: Select “Recover photos” option as shown in figure 1

iPod Photo Recovery- ipod recovery for photo main page

Figure 1

Step 3: Select “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos” option depending on which photos you want to recover and then select the iPod from which the photo needs to be recovered as shown in figure 2

iPod Photo Recovery- Select Recover Deleted Photos or Recover Lost Photos

Figure 2

Step 4: Select the “File Type” you want to recover and click on “Next” to start the recovery process. You can also skip the step by using skip button as shown in figure 3

iPod Photo Recovery- Select File Type screen

Figure 3

Step 5: Preview recovered photos prior to saving them, to evaluate the chances of recovery as shown in figure 4

iPod Photo Recovery- Preview Recovered Photos window

Figure 4

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