iPod Recovery Software for Windows

The general portable device favored by most of the people is iPod. The first introduced iPod had storage capacity of 5 GB. This capacity has then increased up to 160 GB in sixth generation of Classic iPod. When you connect an iPod for the first time to PC through USB cable, it will format to FAT32 file system for Windows and HFS+ file system for Mac Operating system. You can transfer all files to iPod using the updated iTunes software. Check whether the sound cards and drivers are updated on your system and then, install iTunes software. After successful installation of iTunes, you can easily add all your music files from your PC to the iTunes library.

iTunes is an application created by Apple, which is used with iPod. This free software allows user to manage the audio and video files and transfer music to the devices from your system. The latest version of iTunes software is 10.5. iTunes software is used to manage the media files of Apple iPod. It will allow the user to transfer media files to and from the iPod.

Auto synchronization is provided with iTunes software on Windows and Mac. This setting in iPod is specific and stores files directly on the iPod. This feature creates exact copy of the data in iTunes library. If you accidentally delete the audio and video files, movies etc from your iTunes library, this synchronized data is also deleted automatically. When an iPod is plugged to a PC, it automatically synchronizes. When iPod won’t synchronize with iTunes, you have to check with the iTunes software. Check whether the iTunes software is updated or not. If problems arise during synchronization process, it may lead to loss of important data from your iPod.

You can format iPod when the data inside the iPod is corrupted. In addition, if you want to plug the iPod to a different operating system it does not recognize it and displays an error message. You have an option to restore the data in iPod. You can restore the data in your iTunes library by using this option when you are going to use the iPod on a different Operating system. When you format the iPod, the data that resides inside the iPod will be deleted. Therefore, it is always advisable to take a backup of the data before implementing any action on it. Leave sufficient space to transfer the media files to other device. If all of a sudden your iPod freezes, you have no other option but to reset it.

To overcome these issues, use iPod Recovery software which recovers lost or deleted audio files, video files, photos etc from iPod. This utility recovers the media files from different models of iPod like iPod Nano, Mini, Classic etc. This software is capable of identifying and recovering digital RAW photo files and stands best in market to retrieve deleted songs from iPod.

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